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Client Perception Research

What it is

A Client Perception Study is a depth qualitative research project conducted through one-to-one conversations. There is no questionnaire, we use a discussion guide but our team members have the confidence to abandon the guide and freely pursue insights that we know will be valuable to our client. Where geography allows, interviews are usually conducted face-to-face.

Why it’s useful

A Client Perception Study unearths insights regarding business relationships and client needs that may not become apparent in day-to-day interactions. Using depth one-to-one interviews, Building Understanding will probe to discover nuggets of best practise, which can then be applied across the business, and also investigate ways that service to clients can be further improved.

Client Perception Studies can reveal how your clients perceive your brand in relation to those of your competitors. We probe the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various players in your sector and gather performance ratings to support the qualitative feedback.

The fact that the interviews are carried out by an independent third party encourages the interviewees to speak more openly.