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We are experts in the property, construction and related professional sectors

Who we are

Building Understanding is a specialist research agency consisting of enquiring minds and enthusiastic individuals. Based in West London, we operate within the UK property and construction industries and adjacent professional services sectors, such as planning and property consultancy.

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Who we work with

Our clients are diverse. Many are property owners or sizeable construction contractors whilst others are drawn from a variety of service sectors. What they all have in common is a need for answers and signposts to a more successful and profitable future.

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Our services

We deliver insightful high quality, client perception and customer satisfaction research for our clients, that catalyses change and business improvement. We can provide you with the insight that will enable you to respond to business opportunities and challenges, strengthening your business offer and your client relationships.

Building Understanding has the expertise to gather insight through any one of a variety of methodologies, depending on the particular project objectives, the needs of our client and the scope of the budget. Our flexibility and experience, coupled with technological expertise means we are as experienced in conducting focus groups as we are with depth interviews and online questionnaires.

Everything we do is bespoke.

We design our research so that the output is easy to use. We can deliver research results in a myriad of different forms and will liaise with you to make sure that we deliver output that people are going to digest and act on.

Our output is focussed on these five main product areas but can ultimately be anything that involves collecting and analysing stakeholder feedback:

Client perception research

See your business through the eyes of your clients. learn more ...

Project reviews

Find out how it was for them. learn more ...

Post occupation audits

Occupier feedback on their journey from first date through to first setting up home together. learn more ...

Lost enquirer studies

What made them swerve? learn more ...

Customer/occupier satisfaction research

How healthy are your customer relationships? learn more ...

How we do it

Building Understanding has spent time developing a research approach designed to gather the very best insights from different types of respondents. When it comes to research methodologies, one size does not fit all.

We apply our knowledge of behaviours and what motivates different groups of people, to select and suggest the right methodology for each respondent group. Some groups, for whom there is a low level of vested interest in participation, may require incentivisation in order to contribute their feedback.

We have a wealth of experience in a broad range of methodologies from focus groups, to personal interviews, to online questionnaires. We also apply a number of tried and tested mechanics that we have evolved over time. For instance, our site level retail team talk to store managers face-to-face and record their feedback using iPads. This means we gather better quality feedback than a telephone interview or email questionnaire would provide, whilst making the experience fast and easy for the interviewee. Further, we have developed mechanics such as card sorting, which can be done through an online questionnaire.